Monday, 19 October 2009

Random Analysis

So I have Vyross and one invictor totally finished and based.
I was hoping for some decent sunlight this weekend so I could at least take filler pictures until payday and I sort out a few lamps and a lighting box. No sunlight for me though. The weekend was really overcast and grimey, and I couldn't get a decent picture at all. Coupled with the fact that it's dark when I get up for work, and dark when I get back from work. Depressing. I do however have the 9 other Invictors pretty much finished, just the sword rifle arms and helmeted heads to finish off :)

All in all I'm pretty chuffed with the way they are turning out, hardly any drybrushing, mixing paints to blend - the works. I feel like I have matured as a paitner from my GW paint-a-regiment-of-25-asap days, and I'm pleased with how the WM models I have so far are looking.
My girlfriend is getting me some decent brushes for christmas too, so I suppose the only way is up. Payday on Friday, so I'm picking a up a Griffon along with a with a unit of sentinels and Garryth. Nice mix of what I "need" to play, and what I'd like to paint.

I'll see what pictures I can get at home this evening, but I'm not sure it will be bright enough at all, so I will probably wait till I can do the poor paintjobs justice with decent pics :P


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