Sunday, 11 October 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I got my package from the local post office on Friday, and spent the afternoon drooling over the miniatures before going out for the evening. I was really pleased with the quality of the miniatures, amazing detail, hardly any flash/mold lines at all, and the metal is very receptive to being cleaned, either by back-scraping with a modeling knife, or being filed. Well done PP!

I glued Vyross and one Invictor to their base, to which I added sand, and also mounted heads and weapons for each model on paper clip pieces for ease of painting. I hope to have dryer weather at some point this afternoon to prime them all black. Once I have a paint scheme set on the one Invictor, I can start to assemble and prime the rest of the unit while taking my time over Vyross. I'll get some pictures up when I have some progress to show :)
Not really much else to report really, apart from being infuriated that my order of Legends arrive before the Prime Remix book, so I can't get reading :P Not really best pleased with all the postal strikes etc, as I only received my miniatures as they required a signature on delivery. I've been waiting for the remix book, and some rare earth magnets for ten days now. Never mind,  It will arrive some day, and I have plenty to be busy with until then!



  1. I wish I could have some up here by now! Seriously, it's dark outside by the time I get home, and there was hardly any sun all weekend so I havent had chance to get pictures yet. Gonna try and get a light box and some lamps set up this weekend soon though :)