Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I was greeted by this yesterday when I got home

Lovely ^_^

That will certainly keep me busy all week, I was out yesterday evening so I only really got chance to check the components in each pack. I've just drilled out the Griffon's hand to replace the halberd shaft however, and will be trimming and cleaning him for assembly with the sentinels as m next job :)

Didn't get chance to finish the Invictors yet due to family visits over eh weekend, but they only need one or two parts touching up, so I will endeavor to complete and photograph soon.

Back to it!!


EDIT: matching the swords to the bodies for the Sentinels took far longer than I expected, and I'm still left with some strange looking poses :P nothing too outlandish luckily, so it's all good. Only Kaelysa actually glued together tonight, but the Griffon is cleaned and ready for pinning tomorrow night

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