Tuesday, 6 February 2018


I recently picked up some scenery that I have been on the lookout for a while. I saw these bad boys, and later these but was reluctant to order something fragile from overseas and risk damage after paying a decent amount in shipping/customs. I dismissed the idea pretty much entirely until I stumbled across this ebay listing. At that price, I couldn't resist and bought a set of 3 plain ones and a set of 3 with the walkway.

Don't get me wrong, I'd much prefer the Promethium Forge kits, but at this price, these are absolutely fantastic. They were a little tricky to assemble, and the 'instructions' were just pictures of the parts and the finished product, but once I had done one of each, the rest was fine. I really like the look of these, and have some green stuff fans and vents cast up from instamold ready to embellish them with as well as ideas for painting and weathering for the cans.

Again, for the price I love these kits and think they look great. I'll probably set them up in pairs or threes to mix up the two different types. These will also do just fine for either Infinity or Necromunda.

I'm going to start grabbing bits for an infinity table each payday hopefully, to spread the cost a bit. This ebay seller is going to be doing kits for vertical cans so I hope they look like what I'm after and I will probably grab those too. Especially since I have pretty much all the Morats I want (for now!) and definitely have enough for a lot of choice at 300 points.

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