Thursday, 15 February 2018

Thursday Throwdown

Infinity Thursdays is turning into a regular thing at work, which is great. Today we are using smaller lists ~100 points in order to get more turns completed and to fit into the hour better. Also, one of our spectators from last week's game has just invested in a decent amount of Aleph and is getting his intro game today as well :D

Yes, I lost (yes again shutup), but it's always fun. I should have taken an extra body instead of a HMG, or maybe a raktorak. Hey ho

There is talk of sorting out a proper escalation league at work during lunches/after hours as well which will be great once all interested parties are ready to start playing.

I want to get a blue basecoat done this weekend by hook or by crook as I keep ending up with other things to do when  plan that in. Once the blue is done, the rest of the paint scheme is simple enough so this will help a lot with getting things table ready :)

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