Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wet Weather Wednesday

Hi again, pleased I am managing to post when I said I would, let's hope it's something that can be maintained!

I was off work today as I had a dentists appointment, and I received my first filling in my 29 years of life, which I don't think is too bad going.

I also managed to finish the drybrushing layers on both the Dire Avengers and Striking Scorpions.I even added some tufts to the Scorpions as I have been doing with most other models so far. I'm undecided as to whether or not they fit with the Dire Avengers as the cork they are on is a lot thicker, so I'm not convinced it will look as good.

All that's left though is the pre Tamiya clear layer on the gems for Scorpions. I have been thinking a lot about transport, and I am planning something to replicate what is seen in this video (again with the videos right?), as it is modular, and expandable and can be applied to any of the miniatures I won, with the simple (and relatively cheap) application of magnets.  One of my project for the weekend whilst we visit our friends, who are also craft minded is to scout out suitable cases and seek advice from someone into more traditional crafts :)

I also picked up some blu-stuff, again after seeing success from my friends blog (linked above), as a combination with insta-mold as they both work quite differently. Blu-stuff seems to be more of a press mold device, but I will be testing this, in order to establish which is bettera t what task.  I have a few places on my Wraithlord & Wraithguard models which will require dragon horn type protrusions and the bits for such will be nigh on impossible (let alone expensive) to get hold of without making copies.  It's worth mentioning here that IP is not infringed by replicating any other IP for personal use, it's only illegal when trying to make a profit out of the sale of such a copy.

I stumbled a cross (yep you guessed it...) a great idea in a video and the Warlocks shown here using High Elf Shadow Warrior parts spoke to me loud and clear, so I will almost certainly be borrowing that inspiration when I get around to making mine. I think it will translate pretty well to a mounted version.  
This does divert from my original fluff somewhat, but what's a good story if it doesn't evolve? :)

The last thing I want to cover today is that I have scrubbed down the Fire Dragons that I had soaking in Dettol, and they look pretty clean. The paint layer comes off very easily, but the primer turns into a ridiculous sludgy mess that's hard to get off anything it touches. for some reason I decided to only wear one latex glove to deal with them so you can imagine how great my hands smell now after umpteen washes...
Before I get these sprayed and started painting (still struggling to replicate the colours I'd like to use, although I've pretty sure what I'll do) I'm going to work on some of the 'more important' elements of the army as I mentioned in the last post, and try and get the army playable at last!

I also mentioned last time that there are a couple of DnD related points to talk about but I'd like to keep that in a separate post, so tune in next time for Dungeons and Dragons madness on Monday.

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