Friday, 6 June 2014

Time Stamp

What happened to the witty blog titles eh? I feel I’m slacking :/  I know it’s been over a week since my last post, but we were away over the weekend with the lovely Miss Vicky, and have been pretty tired this week.

I also promised a DnD related post on Monday, but I was still pretty wiped out from our awesome weekend, and starting training again after a week or so off (doesn’t sound like much but it makes a lot of difference), but I’m going to postpone that till Monday next, as it’s late in the week now and I don’t like to double post too often.

Anyway, back on track :) great weekend with our friends, who introduced me to a whole new world of collectables (after previously getting us hooked on Pop Vinyls), and I’m now the proud owner of  Deathwing Stormwind attack down to £30 from £100, and Optimus Primewhich was also pretty heavily discounted but I don’t remember the numbers. I also picked up the next wave of Mixels, which Miss Vicky’s quest helper also introduced me to,  after becoming disillusioned with both the price, and duplication of ‘standard’ lego minifigs (as a reference, a lego minifigure is £2.50 but a single Mixel is £3.00)

The Warcraft Megabloks (and their ‘blind bag’ minifigures) are something that I will ‘collect’ as I played Warcraft in its many versions for years, and still dabble in from time to time. But the Transformers I suspect I will only pick up any sets that I particularly like the look of.

The upshot of this is that I will be blogging some assembly, and unboxing pictures when I sit down to these pretty big tasks, for a further diversification of this once staunchly wargaming based blog.

Fret not though I will still be posting updates for miniature wargaming and painting etc when it’s relevant, and photos once I setup a decent home lightbox.

For those of you disillusioned with the lack of tiny soldier mans in this post, fret not!

When I sit down to ‘mans’ (as my wife and I refer to the activity). I will be trying to cast up some components and create a bedroll type setup for my dragon knights, to give them the wandering knight kind of look, as they protect the herds of lizards, and perhaps eggs/nests, as part of their nomadic warrior lifestyle. 

I also really want to push through to completion with the  ‘wave serpents’ as they are oh so close to being ready to spray coat and get into the painting queue (which is currently empty as the Fire Dragons got stripped, and nothing else is spray coated). I am still really undecided about any kind of ‘rider’ for the dragons but I’m not sure how convincing it is that these beasts would transport troops, and direct the fire of their weapons under their own volition… Perhaps some kind of psychic link which they receive instructions over? I’m not sure yet but I want to test a few options for pilots etc. I will also be adding a lot of baggage, spare ammunition etc to the Dragons backs, as well as hand holds for the transported troops to add realism.

An interesting link into topics further up this blog is colour scheme for the dragons. A few posts back I outlined a vague plan for a sandy brown/red colour scheme for the army, and this is apparent in the Farseer and the Avatar painted so far, but when translating this to the lizards and dragons I noticed a remarkably familiar site which will be a nice nod to another hobby of mine :)

That’s all I have for now, well done for reading this far down!

Hopefully I can keep my promise of a DnD Monday blog this time round.

Thanks for stopping by

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