Saturday, 17 May 2014

Dungeons & Dragons

Hello again!

When I posted earlier this week I had every intention of being on a roll with posts, and trying to carry on momentum, but after some pretty bad luck and multiple boiler repairs, and drain leaks my time has been either full of stress an/or thing to sort out.

Anyhow, I'd like to introduce a new topic to this blog. I have previously touched on D&D through the medium of miniatures when I posted painted figures representing me and my party in campaigns. Now though, I hope to use the blog as a sounding board for ideas for my own campaign.

I'm not a very experienced or confident GM, but I do enjoy the game, and the ideas that I have.  I previously ran two sessions of a campaign with some friends but after our diaries filled up with other commitments, and a pretty shaky start from myself as a first time GM, we never came back to it.
Fast forward though to now and I find myself having been bitten quite deeply by the role play bug. Thanks, in no small part, to an Amazon voucher i earned through doing marketing survyes being spent on a series of books I've been meaning to get around to for a while - The legend of Drizzt by RA Salvatore.

I read the first three books in what must have been 20 days altogether, I found it hard to put them down. It set my imagination sparking though and I started looking through my old notes etc. and trying to think how to salvage my old campaign with the fresh ideas I had been given by the books.
I also re-discovered an old program I once bought a license for which allows a user to create characters in the D&D (and many other) settings, saving all the number crunching hassle - Hero Lab
Because my roleplay group stuck to D&D 3.5 when 4th edition came out, the fact that my license wont be updated with newer content is fine :) and after a couple of entire evenings spent noodling around with new and old characters in the program, I was back into writing again!

I have also been drooling over some miniatures which I will be painting up as NPCs for the campaign, and also just because I really like some of their fantasy human range.

Hopefully the 'D&D' tag will be either fortnightly or more often depending how much writing I get done, or maybe even just the odd idea now and then hoping for some feedback from whoever still follows here ;P

That's it for now. I will be backfilling the posts I didn't have time to write this week tomorrow maybe :)
Thanks for stopping by

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