Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Swamp Thing

So 2011 is off to a good start. I received by "shallow" bases today, ready for the sizable order of crocs that I have incoming from maelstrom games.

It's weird, I said to my missus, "If Maelstrom games send out a voucher in the new year, I'm going to put a load of minis on my credit card". Lo and behold... So I took the plunge and ordered 25pts of Blindwater;

FoH: Minions
Bloody Barnabus
Full gatormen
Tokens (also Skorne tokens)

My poor credit card, I haven't even put the rest of my guitar on there yet... (ask me about my new guitar by the way, it's awesome. Just unrelated :P)

I think I'm just awaiting stock for most of the above, so could be a while before it shows. I'm going to be putting together a new painting blog on the forums for all my Hordes minis, and trying to get back to fully painted with my Ret. Part of this is (hopefully) being inspired by me making a collection list. I used to document my collection on tabletop commander, but the new version baffles me, so my list of minis is currently stuck on my iPhone. My thinking is that if I get the list onto Excel, and I can categorise everything as to how close to finished it is, then maybe it will help me get things finished more quickly. I also love making lists for some reason.

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