Saturday, 15 January 2011


I picked up my parcel from the post office this morning, so now I have 15pts of Blindwater to be getting on with :)

No pics this weekend as it's my wife to be's birthday and there is plenty happening. I just thought I would update. I have scrubbed and cleaned the new gators though, so I'll be modelling and basing them this week along with painting

Nihilators are even closer to finished now, but Bloody Barnabas arrived mid-week and I couldn't stop myself pinning and basing him, so I lost some painting time

I have learned a valuable lesson this week though. I was adding the final layer of water effects to Wrong eye and Snapjaw, and I sat them on top of the radiator in an attempt to harden the water a little quicker. Twenty minutes later when I went to check on them the water effects had turned solid White... I was mortified to be honest, I had put a lot of work into the bases up to this point and I thought it was ruined.
I left it overnight though, hoping that it would clear out. It didnt, but I did manage to cut out the majority of the resin in a last ditch attempt at saving the base, and all that's needed now is re-sanding the sunken area and the water again.

If any of you are using GW water effects be warned :) don't be impatient, it just needs time to go clear.

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