Friday, 24 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Just a quick note to wish you all well for the holidays, and all the best for your new year.

I'll be back blogging in the new year hopefully once life has calmed down (Contract for new house/holiday travel insurance yadda yadda). Plans in place for a gaming table in the new house, as well as teaching an old friend of mine the wonders of Warmachine (He's such a Khador player, he just doesn't quite realise it yet I don't think!). All of this totally trumped by the fact that my younger brother (he's only ten) has started showing an interest in the table building, and toy soldiers, so it will be great to see if he wants to try some practice games and borrow some of my guys to fight with

All the best



  1. Hey lofty Great to see you are still going strong with the warmachine madness. I'm picking it back up after a long brake (Damm 40K GT) and looking towrds building myself an army. I'm looking at your paint scheme in an new light aftre being away for so long and I gor to say I like the colour combinations a lot! I'm looking for a Cold/snowwy colours scheme and yours makes a lot of sense in my book. the cold grays and blues should be a nice base (would love to put in some more white but that's a presonal preference I guess.

    One thing I miss looking at your bases is a little colour contrast some static grass(green or maybe a dried grass yellow) would be nice to break the colour tone a little with the models.

    Anyways looking forward to reading your experiences with Rhan since I'm cooking up a list with this guy in the lead:

    Rhan *
    Chrimeara *
    Arcanist 1 pt.

    House of SHyeel Battle Mages 5pt.
    Soullless escort UA 1pt.

    Mage Hunter Strike Force (min) 5 pt.
    Mage Hunter Commander UA 2pt.

    2 Magisters 4pt.

    2 Mage Hunter Assasins 4pt.

    Narn 3pt.

    25 pt.

    what do you think?

    anyways best wishes for the new year and hope to talk to you soon!

    Cheers CJ

  2. Hey man, I'm just waiting on an order of clump foliage. Great minds think alike right?
    I've no experience with the mage hunters or Narn, but two magisters looks pretty good with the battlemages. let me know how your playtesting comes out :)

  3. hahah I guess so :).

    Yeah I've only been playing with Kaelyssa so far and that ment some mage hunters and I think they are rather usefull when played right. Especially with the unit Attachement. Just pop them behind a building or forest and watch them go to town :P

    I will keep you posted on the progression :)