Thursday, 6 January 2011


Since there is some sun today, and I'm stuck at home, I thought I'd share my latest WIP;

All he needs now is a coat of varnish and water effects. I'm pretty please with how he has turned out, and will be using the same methods here as for Barny and the Wrastler. "Lesser" gators may get a bit of a lighter green.

The blood in his mouth is far too thick, I neglected to pain the inside of his mouth before I started adding the blood effect, so the end result after painting inside his motuh is far too thick. Live and learn though right? I still think i t looks relatively good

Thanks for stopping by


  1. Hey man he looks seriously scary! looking forward to the finished model.

    btw played 3 more games and actually won twice :)

  2. Great stuff. Love the blood effect.

  3. Cheers guys :)

    Nice one CJ! Keep it up!