Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Living Infinite - Morat Supremacy

We had our first lunchtime games today as a (re)introduction to the game. It was a load of fun, but I forgot to get any photos :(

The first game was just 3 grunts v 3 grunts on the Mototronica scenery from Icestorm. I took the first turn and managed to knock out two Fusiliers, leaving me an easy win on my second turn.
The system & rules started coming back to me quickly, so the second game we did 6v6 using my Morat starter versus 6 PanO guys, which I think is the vanilla starter set for them.

The second game we added an objective which was to control the building in the centre with the most points by the end of the third turn. I chose to take the second turn, and had some helpful tips for altering my deployment so as to use cover and not lose too many models.
I managed to stand my ground, and then in my turn use my Oznat to good effect, as well as my Sogarat soaking some sniper shots with his high Armour and 2 wounds. I got into the habit of making shots with AROs instead of dodging with the Morats high Phys stat which wouldn't be modified... I got a bit carried away/trigger happy but learned a valuable lesson :)

PanO turn two saw a couple of vanguard go down, and the drop troop came down on the side that my Oznat had made a brave advance down and unfortunately subsequently be sniped off with MSV.
the drop troop didn't last long after taking a heavy flamethrower to the face. I have to admit i made some remarkable dice rolls in this game, frequently declaring 'Super Morats!'

I decided to go hell for leather with my Sogarat on my second turn and diced down the lieutenant and a fusilier, leaving me able to claim the objective with my Raktorak and Sogarat. The Sogarat went down to the irregular sniper but was saved by his auto med kit in the last turn as I finished his forces off :)

I had a massive amount of fun, even though I stumbled over the plus/minus to rolls quite a bit, but we are definitely going to play some more intro missions with different troop types, and arrange a 300pt game for after work at some point.
I'm very motivated to get some painting done on these guys now and get some more troops ready for the table.
I also bought some order tokens, and will try and work out what other types of tokens are necessary for the models I have/like/will use and order those too :)

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