Thursday, 18 January 2018

The Living Infinite - Drop it like its hot

We played our second Lunchtime session on Tuesday, but this time it was me versus the spectator from last week, who has since gone on to buy the Nomad starter set! I'm obviously such a great opponent, how could anyone resist getting into the game after that :p

The formats were repeated from the previous game with one round of three v three which I lost, and one round of 6 or so guys versus the same. I used the Morat starter set plus a Fraacta drop troop as I had just finished and based it to bring. The drop troop did very well, and I like the model to boot so this was great. I lost heavily to a Morlock rampaging down one side of the board and chain rifling with abandon, and my Morats were lined up along the back of the building just asking to be template weaponed to death :(

I really need to think about deployments, I could have been prone on top of the building that I was hiding behind. I don't really mind for starter games where I tend to play 'in character' for the Morats anyway, but this will really hurt me when I start playing 'real games'.

The game ended with a nice cinematic of my Sogarat shrugging off ARO fire to climb the steps of the objective building, missing all his HMG shots and getting pretty much cut in half by a Brigada with boarding shotgun (he needed 19s to hit me at that range!)

I'm going to keep on reading the Infinity wiki to learn more rules, and I've started ordering the rest of the tokens I want in lieu of payday tomorrow :)

Lastly, and with no small amount of shame I'll admit to dropping my entire box of models (all my assembled Infinity mans that I'd taken to choose from that day) on it's top when I was taking it back upstairs to the study/game room :(
I was very nervous of opening it to check the damage, but more than luckily the only damage was a few chips to basecoats.
The irony though is that the Fraacta that I was so impressed with in the game took a real beating to it's wing/drop pack and this needed snapping off , filing down and pinning...
All's well that ends well I suppose, but I feel beyond stupid!

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