Saturday, 27 January 2018

Into the Thick of it

It feels like a great start to the new year! I'm very grateful for the encouragement of my work colleagues and our nascent Infinity community :P

We got another learner game on Thursday with our newly interested member and that was great fun yet again. I think we are suffering a little now from the size of the available play area (one of the mototronica mats) but time and space are a limitation to do anything bigger so it's fine for now while we get a proper handle on the rules.

Next game I'm going to take a link team of vanguard to see what the rules for fireteams are like, I know vaguely about a few rules but only from watching reports on Youtube so it will be good to get some first hand experience and cement the rules in my head properly. I tried running the Oznat/hungries link team in our recent game but decided in the end to use them un-linked to make things more streamlined, but they were pretty good on their own :)

I picked up some more markers which I will be showcasing once everything has arrived, but so far I have some Silhouette markers which I really like, and I have some non-order tokens coming from one webstore, and some smoke & weapon templates coming from another, so watch this space for a review/picture gallery on those :)

I've got my Remotes on my desk at the moment, basic assembly all done but I'm working out how best to magnetise them which may require some new magnets of a specific size. I really like the idea, rules and look of the remotes so I hope to include them a fair amount in lists, especially with Dr Worm and his minions. The basic remote is 8 points which I think is one of the cheapest orders available to the Morat Aggression force, and the TR HMG option is something I'm very much looking forward to putting to use! I have everything except the remotes assembled at the moment so I will do a family photo at some point soon as well.
I've also started collecting scenery for a home table for Infinity, but I've started with a couple of items which will also pull double duty for Necromunda terrain, again watch this space for photos and review!

Lots coming up in the next few weeks, but work is throwing me a curve ball with a couple of 4am starts for out of hours deployments coming up regularly for a month or so, so i'm not sure what kind of state i'll be in for decent blog posts and reviews, so bear with me!

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