Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekly WIP - 07/11/2011

Little late with this post, but this weekend consisted of an all day music festival on Saturday, and catching up on Sunday. Work managed to prevent me from gaming (again) this week, which I'm non too please about, coupled with the pretty much compulsory overtime this week means gaming/modelling will be pretty thin on the ground. Life goes on thought right? :)

On with the show;

The 'Wrastler' is only a few highlights away from being done, and Calaban is waiting for the final touches to his base alongside his bestest bacon buddies.

I'm currently looking into buying some Gesso primer, after reading a lot about it on the forums, in an attempt to not be hamstrung by the upcoming naff weather. I'm currently spray priming in the cellar which isn't the driest place in the world anyway, and winter certainly won't help. I'll let you all know how I progress on that front, and will maybe do an article on the stuff once I've got some to test out.

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