Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weekly WIP - 29/10/2011

I've managed to grab a few quick pictures before the guys descend for DnD today. It isn't much, but just to show what I've managed this week.

My second "Wrastler" (a Beloved of Sobek by Crocodile Games) has been basecoated, and based (minus waer & grass) and is ready for washes and highlights. The water area of his base is going to be repainted, as I couldn't get the affect I was going for :)

The other guy, boringly enough is just the base-coated shell areas of my Ironback Spitter. The skin areas will be a dark green with perhaps some red/orange spots like this guy but I'm not sure yet. I'm hoping also to do some kind of acid drip from his mouth much like I did on Skarath (which I don't seem to have any pictures of...) following the same kind of formula as Snapjaw.

I also primed, and painted the bases of my first Gator Posse, and I'll be ordering a few more sunken bases for the below additions and to re-base the posse I traded with a friend )

Also, the below parcel arrived for me today, so I've got 50pts for all the Blindwater casters, giving me alot of variety in what is firmly my favourite Warmahordes faction :)

I'm hoping to be able to post weekly progress pics like this, but it will of course depend on when I get chance versus the weatehr (light conditions) and any social hassle :P

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  1. Looking good so far. I have a question about how the Sobek's size relates to the Wrastler. Generally the height and bulk. Specifically the size of the hands. I actually like the Wrastler model except for the hands and for a while now have been thinking that I might buy a pair of Sobeks just to chop them at the wrists (It actually bothers me that much). Then pin them to the Wrastlers arms and maybe wrap an extra bit of rope around to hide the lack of alignment.

  2. Cool work thus far, I can't wait to see that Ironback Spitter finished up, It'll be cool if you can pull off the markings like on MR. Turtle.

  3. Thanks man, still undecided about the skin colour on the Spitter mind.

    The hands look to be vaguely the same size between Sobek and the Wrastler, but the wrists are significantly thicker on the Wrastler, hope this helps