Monday, 21 November 2011

WORK in Progress

Still having trouble leaving on time, which quite frankly is depressing. had to cancel a game at the club (again) today. Both messing around a friend, and missing my weekly warmahordes fix.

This also unfortunately means that this week's progress is limited to base coating & washing the first layer on the posse, and dry brushing the shell of the Spitter. Progress is progress though :)

I've been leafing through Domination as well this week. Pleased with the results for Skorne and Minions. Once I'm painted up with Minions, I'll be working on Xerxis at 50pts, and picking up Naaresh, and Tiberion.

Hopefully by the time I'm through with all that stuff, the Vyre Myrmidons might have seen the light of day, so I can work a little on my much neglected Retribution. It's good to have a plan right? :)

Sorry there isn't much of note today, late home and all the rest. Hopefully this week I'll have some more done. I'm also hoping to pick up some decent desk lamps & bulbs (if anyone has any tips for bulb types/wattage, it would be much appreciated) as well as a portable photo booth for painting and photos, let's see what Santa brings ;p

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