Monday, 13 September 2010

White noise

First game with Xerxis this week which was unfortunately a loss. Mohsar managed to lock down my cetrati with well placed pillars of salt every turn. Frustrating, but it certainly did the trick!

I love the way the tyrant and standard work with the Cetrati though (Xerxis ain't too shoddy with battle plans either mind) and having troops move through each other with the brick type if set up is a dream.
I think I'll be shunting the totem hunter for a tyrant in my usual 35pt pMakeda list for sure.

Highlight of the game was a furious Xerxis charging though the brick, and combo smiting a Gnarlhorn, ignoring the swordsmen engaging it and almost destroying it with his feat up. It was a last ditch effort on my part as I had almost no other options. Fun though ^_^

Good game, might save Xerxis till he and the Cetrati are painted so I can have a bit more of a think on how best to use him.
Tips are always welcome :p

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  1. Love the posts title...Whaaahahahhhhwhoooooshshhh!

    Hey look, I can post on here now. :)

  2. YOU!!

    I like Xerxis, but not Mohsar.... Or Salt...

  3. Yes me, trying to set this thing up. Thinking of kicking off my own blog to see if that motivates any kind of progress on the painting front.

    Probably won't. I'm too lazy.

    Yeah Xerxis was a good play, think Mohsar just shuts things down too well. Next time eh?

  4. Do it mate, keeps me going. quite a good sounding board for ideas and reflecting too.

    Yeah, next time... I just can't believe I actually picked Mohsar lol