Monday, 6 September 2010


Great game at the club today against a beast heavy grim list.

Star of the show have to be the praetorians who combostriked a mauler to death, and minifeated a unit of kriel warriors pretty much in half.

I don't remember why grim couldn't transfer(I think I had just killed has last non maxed beast) but a Titan gladiator to the face really didn't really help him.

Despite getting the caster kill, the assassination run was clumsy. I had my totem hunter in the way of a slam, and only in reach range, so it could all have gone a lot better.
Really pleased though, as I'm enjoying Hordes a ton more than Warmachine, and finding it a lot easier to boot.

I had planned to play Xerxis today but I didn't manage to get the tyrant and standard bearer pinned in time for tonight. I like the way Makeda works though, savagery on Cetrati is a ridiculous first turn, coupled with a switch to def ward next turn Being a real headache. She even made it into combat this game, albeit I did test her out on burrowers, just to make sure before I take on bigger game :p

Praetorians certainly went up in my opinion today, even more so as they are souls after all their effectiveness as well. One flank with swordsman, AG and Extoller is really self sufficient, especially with ranked attacks from the UA to help out the guardian. It also means the other flank is beasts and Cetrati which isn't too shabby at all ;p

Won't be too much time to paint this week unfortunately but hopefully I'll get a fair amount done over the weekend.
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