Monday, 20 September 2010

Pop n drop

Another great game today. Only lost as I really underestimated the acrobatics of daughters of the flame. I left Makeda 'somewhere safe' and she got swarmed. This made me commit to defending Makeda and I lost my tyrant (to their anatomical precision), who was my only comeback vs Kreoss' feat. Which saw Makeda getting wailed on by a Templar.

Praetorians performed well again though. Denying any use from a unit of exemplars by running at them, getting killed under Makeda's feat, and mini feating the knights to death.
And of course powering the soul factory ;p. Marketh will love those guys!

Turn two wouldn't been very different if only I hadn't rolled snake eyes vs a slam of a Templar toward Kreoss, but I get far too carried away to think about averages vs def etc and whether I need to boost :p

I'm still really enjoying Hordes however, and far prefer the mechanics to Warnachine. I need to field another light beast though I think, as I run the beasts up front and then struggle once they go down. Perhaps I'll drop the swordsmen to minimum...

Something else I struggle with is order of activation. I always have a plan in mind, but i often struggle to execute it in the right order, or I get too eager and activate key units too early. Again, practice will overcome this I guess, and practicing will be fun!

Managed to grab an earlier train today too so i'll get plenty time to finish my Bronzeback assembly, the last three Nihilators, rethink my list and level up my DnD character. Good evening all told!

Thanks for dropping by


  1. Sounds like it was a really close game, at least! I'm sure there are several light beasts that would provide you help, however- given any thought to which you would want? I've really been looking with some interest the Razorworm, myself.

    Order of activation is definitely difficult- my two most common opponents struggle with it from time to time as well (specifically, they'll realize after the fact that they've done things in the wrong order). Not always, of course. It's just practice.

    I love Praetorian Swordsmen! I'm glad they gave you a lot of use!

  2. Im actually considering the Drake for sprays, the krea not so much for pMakeda, but a Brute more than anything at the moment i think. Safeguard v knockdowns is golden.
    Practice is indeed the issue with me, going to try and play more vassal as well as going to the club :)

    Swordsmen are awesome, especially for their points. I have just put together my nihilators, so I'm going to be running them with Xerxis for a few games to see how they fair :)