Saturday, 18 September 2010


I've spent far too much on miniatures this month ;_; This week in fact. I ordered a Bronzeback a week or so ago, along with the Krea I've been proxying. I went into the store on Thursday and they had received their privateer press delivery, but my gear was missing :( I browsed through the many boxes in the delivery (Privateer Press is really blowing up at my LGS) and uhm and ahh'd about the Nihilators, and later left the store with them. I called the store the next day only to find that my missing order items had been overnighted for me as they felt bad.

Now far be it from me to complain, as that is one helluva service, but dropping that much in such a short space of time makes my eyes cross :P

Long story short, I've just finished the bases for ten Nihilators, there's a Bronzeback waiting to be filed and cleaned on my cutting mat, but of to one side is Xerxis surrounded by basecoated and half inked Cetrati.
I know I keep promising pictures, but I haven't had a great deal of time with decent sunlight recently. I'll try to post some tomorrow to show progress, but then i'll be triple posting for the club on Monday... nevermind :)

I feel like with my current collection of Skorne, which has expanded pretty darn rapidly to be honest (I blame the bonus/pay rise this month :P) I only need maybe Arcuari, eMakeda and a Cyclops Shaman to take on all comers, and have adaptability in my choice. Which is great because I really enjoy playing them, and painting them is certainly a challenge.

Hordes definitely seems to be my game now, and I'm oh so tempted by Croctober, but I'm going to stick to my Skorne, and get them painted and played with, then see what the Bayou can bring :)

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  1. be strong! Fight the temptation! ;)

  2. :p the crocs are looking pretty good to be fair
    I am determined to play this collection roughly at the size it is and get the hang of it. I've got a good core I think :)