Sunday, 23 May 2010

Painting update

As promised, the Fane Knight and minion sorceress from my Vyros list last week

The mounted version of the Fane Knight took a tumble, and I had to straighten out the lance, which is why the paint has flaked off, other than that, very pleased with the above
Water effects have finally gone clear as well!.

Only other recent addition is a second Griffon, but he's pretty much the same as the other one, and I was up later trying to finish painting it before my game the next day lol


  1. They look good lofty how are the games going? do you feel like you are getting some more feeling for the army?

    Cheers CJ

    p.s. got my first ever ranking in a 40 K tournament, placed 2the overall :)

  2. Yeah games are going loads better, getting to know my models more, still can't win with V though, gonna try rahn for a while ;p

    Grats on the tourney ranking man! What army did u use?

  3. heheheh makes sense Rahn has my vote over V most of the time.

    Thanks :), I used my Eldar Jetbike army my seer council kicked ass !

  4. Sweet, gotta love jetbikes XD

  5. Looking good, and excellent work with the snow bases. What material are you using?