Thursday, 20 May 2010


Ok, things I learned last night (a loss for those of you had dared to share my dream of otherwise :p)

1. The Fane Knight us worth his weight in gold... When he hits. A dismounted charge on rahn(ret v ret) left him with 5 boxes, but then I whiffed the second attack. Very glad I bought him to field though

2. Positioning - I suck at it, deploying second should give me chance to respond to threats, but I seem to deploy as though I'm first to deploy. Need to shake my preconceived ideas for deployment and factor in the bad guys

3. I need to remember things better, the Phoenix field, I barely ever remember to use, like the continuous fire on the sword

4. Vengance only triggers when the officer survives. Be more careful. Nuff said

5. I need to know what things do when I decided to take them. Like Aiyana and Holt, can he charge after she has cast a spell? How the he'll can he hit with mat/rat 4 if not? :s

6. Vyros really isn't the beatstick I think he is. Yes flank is good, but it's also pretty situational. He's a fair support caster for his jacks, with mobility and his feat(tricky) and Hallowed avenger upkeep, but his low foc doesn't make for a fantastic melée turn if he is upkeeping anything, especially with my tendency to roll below 3 on any given dice with vyros.
He is, however, unkillable with inviolable resolve and focus camped :p

Pics this weekend I promise, less Walls of text I hope in future as well as I get back into a painting routine. Lots of things going on ATM both at work and with marriage planning.

Thanks for dropping by



  1. Further to the Holt comment above - I managed to use Aiyana's stat line for both of them all game.....


  2. Just play Khador instead, you push your models forward then throw dice at your opponents, it's like bowling and 40k at once!