Sunday, 7 February 2016

Trouble Brewin'

My Brewers guild team so far ready for the bases to be sealed and then undercoated etc. I really love the models, they feel very characterful with the different brewery related names describing their temperaments etc. I especially like the mascot (being a cat lover) but the first time I saw guildball played at the Leeds club, someone described him as the cat from the Discworld books, which I really liked.

I'm hoping to grab an airbrush booth setup soon (to make the whole process easier, and to save me, the wife, and the cats from breathing too much in) and will be basing them with that. I saw a great video tutorial on the flesh areas prevalent on most of the models, and I've been trying to move away from my usual crutches of drybrush and wash since I started painting again, so I look forward to giving this a try :)

Just a word to the wise here though, I bought these models from someone who posted on a trading group on Facebook. They were advertised as new, and surplus to requirements after various kickstarter combinations. However, upon inspection the models had clearly been glued together and in some cases had mold lines cleaned and some of the barrel accessories were missing from the blisters.  I spoke to the seller who already knew about the missing parts but hadn't bothered to tell me which I was more than annoyed about. After getting a second opinion from one of the admins on the page, I'm pretty sure Paypal would chase at least a partial refund on my behalf based on the pictures indicating new models. I'm not convinced however that it's worth that much effort, I asked the seller to raise a missing parts issue with the manufacturer and I'm happy to go from there.
Be warned though, things are sometimes too good to be true :)

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