Friday, 12 February 2016

And Justice For All

I've mentioned a Malifaux a couple of times, but I don't think I've ever posted any photos of my progress so far, so here is my Lady justice crew as it stands :)

I'm finally pleased with where this is going. When I started painting, there were lots of ideas I wanted to convey that just didn't seem to be working, the Judge's coat wouldn't blend properly, the Death Marshall's coats were too bright and stark, but after a few tweaks I like the way it is all coming together.

The below shows my more recent acquisitions, hopefully to be spray coated and started quite soon too. I just want to point out that the legs of the Austringer's birds were separate pieces. Just look at the size of the models and let that sink in for a second.... The separate bird is meant to be attached the guy's arm, but the second leg for that bird pinged off from my tweezers whilst trying to attach it. I figure that it wont look out of place next to him on the base like it is on the cork.

My plan currently is to do the bases with the Basius texture pads when their web shop finally goes live, but this has been a long time coming, and it looks like I might end up blue tacking models to bases to use them at the next Leeds games night :(

Just a quick update, as I'm busy over the weekend, but have been snatching time to paint in the evenings this week.

I'm hoping to replace some paints soon as some of my Vallejo are separating out maybe after being left for so long, and my metallics are totally beyond repair now so i probably cant do a great deal more on the crew without getting some replacements. I'm looking at getting some P3 paints to see what they are like.

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