Sunday, 6 July 2014


Hi all

Just a very quick post to show off the work I've completed today on the 'jetbikes'. Below pic is one of two Shuriken Cannon armed riders.

You can also (barely) see the bedroll, and baggage I have added. the baggage is the remnants of a Dark Eldar warriors belongings, which are part of the leg assembly. I think it works pretty well.

I based all 6 lizards, though some still need tome attention with a file, and i constructed legs for all riders, and made a seat in each saddle to accommodate the fact that the legs aren't meant to sit astride the moulded saddle.

I am still deliberating how to best arm the riders with regular armaments in order for them to look like they aren't just guardians sitting on a lizard. Will see what inspiration strikes :)

Thanks for stopping by


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