Saturday, 5 July 2014

Time Warp

I'm not going to go into why its taken so long to update because there's no real reason other than not having a lot of time/motivation to do so :P call me lazy, call me what you will but here's a couple of backdated blogs :)

Hi again

I know I promised an update a Monday or so ago, and eluded even to more regular updates, but I simply haven't had chance.

This past week we were in Ireland, and the week before that, I can t even think why I didn't get chance to write anything up, but there we are.

Just a brief one today as last week has burnt me out a fair bit and I've ended up with some weird hayfever/headcold combo and my eyes are terrible sore.

I realise that the main factor in updates is timing, and had a bit of a brainwave to solve this, and as such I'm hoping for a keyboard which will work with my 10" tablet for my birthday (July 17th hint hint :P) so that I can write and post things on the train to/from work and utilise some of that time. Hopefully this will go some way towards regular updates, and themed days (WIP Wednesday, DnD Monday) Which I had hoped to do).

I tried out some blu-stuff molds after the last post, and the results were mixed.  It is perfect for casting flat backed items, but for anything which has detail at the back which needs capturing, then a two part mold would be required, and is beyond my current ken. I hope to be able to achieve this though eventually or I'll bankrupt myself buying bits for the Eldar project. It seems that insta-mold maybe best for two part molds so I will be pressing this as a solution at some point.

In the interest of maintaining topic for this post, we are jumping ahead in time a bit here :)
I had an actual game of 40k against a friend this week! Look, proof-
So here you can see my fledgling force bolstered by Dire Avengers for obligatory troop choices and a Wraithlord for points. Just shy of 1k points.

And here are the forces of Nurgle arrayed before me, cultists on the left marines with a mark in the middle, and hellbrute/rhino with plague marines & lord on the left.

I enjoyed the game ALOT. Lots of the rules are the same to the last edition of 40k that I played (going back maybe ten years?) and the new rules serve to make it very fun to play, and easy to pick up.  I want to get my troops choices sorted so the next time i sit down with my miniatures will be guardian jetbikes and Wave Serpents.

I also want to get a transport solution sorted, and in true style, I found my solution here and despite the containers in question being Walmart branded, they seem to be avaialbe with free UK shipping on Amazon. I alos thought that this kind of thing would work also (with trays removed), but I would need to be careful with the height of things like wave serpents and Wraith units. I'm thinking at teh moment that a combination of the cupcake trays and another, deeper plastic box for the larger items will be the best bet. Hoping that both will also fit into some kind of holdall to transport easily and discreetly. Credit to Element Games for the magnetic solutions :)

It's my Birthday in a couple of weeks, and the birthday of a friend (whom i've known for 25 years) and we each mentioned (independantly) to each other recently the new game from Mantic - Deadzone and we are splitting the cost of the starter box four our birthday gift to eachother this year. So expedct some unboxing and painting progress entries for this coming up maybe August kind of time. I think that's it for miniatures and modelling for the time being.

I've mentioned before that I want to add a wraithknight model to the army ant some point and have bounced some ideas of a friend (Deadzone friend) so expect either some mystery WIPs or some more detailed progress discussions (with full disclosure), I will hopefully pick up some of the required parts with any spare money after my birthday :)

That's it for the time being, thought I do have a 'collectables' related post to update with at some point hopefully soon (tomorrow?). There is a Couple of Birthdays today so I won't get much more time after posting this. There are also three birthdays next week including mine... What's so good about July?!

Thanks for stopping by

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