Thursday, 31 July 2014

Conflict of Interests

Hi again

Just a quick one today. I've mentioned before that I'm part of a theatre group (I think I have at any rate) as stage manager, and it's performance week this week so time is scarce! Next week is also busy as we are at a festival from Thursday to Monday so I will be posting again when we get back.

In brief then - I ordered some corsair cloaks (actually ten corsairs with no arms or heads from ebay) as I've pretty much given up on my cack-handed attempts at molding my own so I will be adding those to everyone I can fit when they arrive!
I've also magnetised a lot of bases, to discover that the magnetic sheeting I ordered doesn't have a great deal of pull. Backup plan is to find a small baking sheet that will fit in my case(s)

The real reason for posting however is that I ordered some pretty awesome stuff with my birthday loot.
Whisky Glasses

Shot Glasses

Both of these were actually totally bespoke orders, after seeing the stormtrooper shotglass/tumbler combo on the Etsy store. I am chuffed to bits with them, I love the designs and the look of the sets. Really very please that I ordered them, and would recommened them to anyone on the lookout for geek/collectible 'homewares' (is that the right word?). 
So head over to Unique & Geek Gifts on Etsy to pick something up now! Don't be afraid to ask for custom designs as both my orders were totally custom!

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