Sunday, 23 June 2013

All Quiet on the Western Front

Just wanted to check in and ensure you all that I am still around and still hobbying.

I've had a couple of bouts of illness recently coupled with some really busy weeks, so I've barely been at my desk since the last post.
During that time though, I have eVyros ready to prime and undercoat, my witch doctor conversion almost finished (including a base that I really like), and Rask & various minions all ready to get basecoated.
All I need is time to spend getting everything set up and long enough to get them all sprayed ready to be worked on.

I'm also planning a magnetising project with some of the new Games Workshop Eldar models. These are the first models I ever purchased over 17 years ago, and the re-released stuff has really piqued my interest, and I look forward to a bit of a palette cleanse with this project. After all, how different are the miniatures from GW/PP?

I'm also planning on picking up some new airbrush paints, and I plan eventually to have base/mid/highlight colours for commonly used colours, browns/reds/greens/bone etc. This will be for any work that comes in (not sure how likely) but also to increase speed and efficiency for my own models, as I can reduce the amount of brush time spent with a model, in order to be able to spend more time on details, instead of repeated coats of base colours etc. I'm hoping this will give me more time to practice new tachniques that I've recently started, as well as learning new.

It's also my birthday coming up, and me and a friend who has recently started Cryx have agreed to exchange PP minis as gifts to the value of £30, as neither our significant others, or any of our other friends would gift us with hobby gear! We exchanged lists of 'wants & needs' and I have purchased a Merc heavy 'jack, Broadsides Bart, and Dougal Macnaile. My list was a real mix of Skorne, and the few remaining Ret' miniatures that I am after, so we will see what comes of that.

Lastly, I elected not to get into the new Warmachine faction, but I do intend to buy the book once the PP digital app is released. I would rather concentrate on my Retribution collection, and get back onto my Skorne relatively soon.

Next weekend is a trip to London, and the weekend after is a family birthday, so it might not actually be until my birthday that I get time to do anything much, more's the pity. In the meantime though I'm going to be planning out my next few batches of purchases, in terms of projects & hobby essentials.

Thanks for stopping by

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