Thursday, 6 June 2013

Rocky Road

No, not the ice cream flavour. I'm talking about my experiences painting Hyperion.

The main thing I've learned is that I should have started painting before I knew about the event I'm getting ready for, and given myself far more time to spend on such an awesome miniature.

That said, it really has been a journey to get it to the stage it is at today. I've tried out some new techniques this time around, some of which will be visible when I post up completed pictures.

The first of which was pre-shading. I discussed this in a post a week or so ago, and to surmise, I decided that airbrushing detail really wasn't going to work for me.  I'll revise the technique & my method after a total strip down of the brush and a clean, in case this was affecting flow etc and see how I get on painting bog trogs.

The second method I've adopted that I haven't really done before is line highlighting. I had the intention of trying to blend my highlights a lot more on the large armour plates on the colossal, but I really haven't left a great deal of time at all for something like this, more 's the pity. Instead, I've been pretty satisfied with applying a reasonably fine light of a highlight colour to the edges of each section as a highlight, and a similar method to shade selected areas.  I also tried some edge highlights which came out pretty terribly if I'm honest, and I hope they won't stand out too much on the finished article.

I've felt pretty overwhelmed by the project over the past ten days or so of work, and it was only last night, when I was adding the glow to power lines etc, and had the base snow added that I felt like it was going to look great when completed. I'm taking tonight off to avoid burning myself out and not wanting to finish, but I ahve the afternoon off work tomorrow, and a late night planned to get the finishing touches (and Ravyn finished for hat matter) done and dusted. I've learned the hard way that the night before an event is a bad time to be waiting for paint to dry in order to pack models into cases, so Saturday will also be a hands-off day (busy during the day).

I'm confident that I'll be done in time, and confident that the final product will at least look half decent, as well as being fairly excited about getting some table time with the model :)
Definitely disappointed however with the rush I've imposed on painting such a great model, as well as a little bummed out about my visions of airbrushing being un-realistic.

A bit of a bitter-sweet post today, but I hope to be able to lighten the mood with completed pictures of Hyperion either late Friday night (early Saturday morning) or from the event on Sunday.

Until then, thanks for stopping by

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