Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Better,Faster, Stronger

It's been a while again since my last post. For which i can only apologise. It's been a busy summer since my last post in June. 
Let's review:
Birthday madness through July. There are literally 5 different birthdays Including my own
Cats. We adopted three kittens mid august and we have spent a lot of time with them getting them settled into their new home etc. This had also meant that my hobby gear has been locked away for their safety and my sanity.
At the moment though we are on a train back from a long weekend in London which means I have missed this year's Breast Cancer Brawl

On the up though, im planning to finally sort out my hobby area,which is something I've neglected for one reason or another since we moved if I'm honest.  The aim is to be able to stop WIP items and relevant paints/parts/tools in their own tin/box to allow me to store/retrieve them with minimal fuss and remain productive whilst fending off curious kittens.
I've got lots I want to do and start/finish/re-do at the moment all of which is currently frantic scribblings in a notebook.but I will hopefully be able to shed a little light soon enough on what's coming up:)

So for now that's pretty much it, but I hope to be able to update fairly soon with more interesting content
Thanks for stopping by


  1. Sorry, but you forgot 'harder'

    I am not impressed.

  2. I was loathe to add that. Snicker snicker ;p

  3. For the obvious reason? Either way is good to hear your getting your area sorted out. Hopefully see some more work from you soon.