Sunday, 9 June 2013


As I'm writing this when I said I would be at the colossals release event, it may not be surprising to learn that I'm not actually there.
"Why?" I hear you cry. "Why after busting a gut to get ready and rush a paintjob on Hyperion are you now not in attendance Lofty?" Work. Plain and simple, I'm not going to go into it because frankly I'm not in the mood, but I've had to work both days this weekend.

I'm going to take this chance to write the post I had planned to further dissect my painting process for Hyperion.

The first and most obvious thing is that I did absolutely no work to the model after I had bought it. I suppose there are a few reasons for this:
- A lack of impetus due to lack of games, which was solved by the deadline of an event to paint to, despite this being far less notice than I would expect from an organised event (different pressganger).
- Airbrush woes, which I've mentioned before meaning that i needed some new kit before I could get started.

The base was an experiment in how I usually make water effects, and quite honestly I think it looks spectacular. I hate to blow my own trumpet but I'm very pleased with the way it looks with snow + model. A success

I originally intended to make the 'jack weathered and battle damaged, but I far prefer the clean look I managed to achieve so I don't feel like I've chickened out of trying this technique.

The line highlighting looks really good I think. After the pre-shading I tried didn't work, I think the alternative of line highlights on the panel edges, and strategically placed shading look really well together. Part of this is that the airbrush gives such a smooth basecoat as well.
I'm disappointed that the airbrushing didn't really work out (I would have liked to try it for some OSL on the power nodes etc as well) but I'm please that I've 'learned' a new technique as it's something I will be trying to carry forward. The Destors and eVyros have large armoured areas on the horses, and I think this will suit them well.

All in all, I'm really pleased with how the big man turned out, despite everything that has happened, I'm proud to have Hyperion standing on the speaker next to my monitor.

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  1. Oh no! Yeah was silly short notice was going to ask you how you did later too. At least you had a bitmap motivation from it?

  2. Yeah it was a bug motivator having a deadline and to be honest I'm chuffed to bits with how it has turned out. Silver lining and all :)