Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Rack 'em up

After what has been a frantic couple of weeks, I managed to order something which I've been planning for a long while - Paint racks.

I've felt for a while now that having to totally clear away project work in order to use my desk (for work) is a chore, and occasionally is not only demotivating when I want to get painting done, but also a total pain.  Since we moved though, I'm trying a new approach to the whole scenario. I now have my current works on a tray which goes in the drawer in the middle of my desk, so it can be moved away whilst work is still in progress, and resumed just as easily.  The other thing is that my paints can be down one side of the desk without being in the way, and again, accessed very easily, which makes it easier too.

Which brings me ramblingly onto the paint racks which I bought.  I have been comparing two or three 'brands' that I found on eBay for sometime now, and with a recent bonus from work, I took the plunge and ordered from Progressive Engineering through their eBay store.  I ordered one paint rack for my growing collection of Vallejo paints, and one to house my GW paints with the intention that once the GW paints are replaced the rack will hold other paint bottle types just as easily, as well as specialist items like pigments and the like.

I ordered both, and requested a combined shipping fee, which the guys were helpful in providing, and after ordering on a Sunday the goods arrived on Tuesday, so I was really impressed.

Once the parcel was opened, each rack comes in it's own ziplock bag, and has a separate bag of bolts, nuts washers, feet and an Allen key, and of course instructions.
The first rack took around 15 minutes to assemble.  The wooden parts are all really well cut, and went together very snuggly and smoothly. It felt like the screws weren't really necessary if I'm honest, as the structure won't be under any stress or even be moved a great deal.  I bolted the whole kit together and quickly loaded my paints in to see how it looks;
I'm more than pleased with this storage solution, it looks slick and clean, it's functional, well made and very easy to assemble.  I would say that the second rack took around ten minutes to get together once I knew which parts came next.

This is part of a concerted move towards having a workspace which is useful enough to take on commissions as well as my own work, and work work as well when required. Next step is to get everything else into the desk drawers in some semblance of order, maybe even with labels to make things easy to find! This may sound extreme but the way I used to have things (before it all got packed up and moved) was a bit of a mess and not very useful.
Another part to this move towards 'serious' hobbying is having time to a) dedicate to everything I have promised I will do for people, and b) have a regular time to get hobbying things done.
It might be a slow process, but once I'm there it'll certainly be worth it!

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