Sunday, 3 March 2013

Up Stream

Made some major progress with Hyperion today (I finally remembered to buy some glue..) I did manage to go through nearly an entire tube of super glue however making the base, I think I need a hot glue gun to do this kind of thing more effectively.

Anyhow, Hyperion is now green stuffed where necessary, and the shoulders are fully assembled, awaiting posing in order to be added along with the arms.

I asked you guys last post for inspiration regarding a base, and one response to the blog, and one verbal response confirmed the same idea - an ice crevasse type thing.

I really like this idea, and have had a blast making this today. I started off with a circle of card the right size for the inside of the base, and marked a rough design & blocked out the stance.

After that, I started building up the layers, and shaping the cork;
Once this bad boy id painted up, water effects will just be the cream on top, I think it'll look fantastic. The only drawback is that the next two weekends are pretty much fully booked so I'm not sure how much time there will be for hobby stuff. Ho-hum, I suppose that's life eh?

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  1. Dude, if you pull this off it will be epic.

  2. Looking forward to giving it a go :)

    You reckon I could use poly filler for the stream bit or modelling putty?

  3. excited to see this... :-D