Sunday, 14 April 2013

Intermittent Tone

Well it's been nearly two weeks since I had chance to post anything. It's been that busy.
I did get a bit of painting done a week or so ago, nearly finished Ravyn finally, and some extra bits on a couple of other models. I was at a festival for the Easter weekend too so that was a write off for modelling. I did however pick up eVyros that weekend and literally just put away his base and sub assemblies until later, as I really don't have much time today.

I'll hopefully be able to get back into a regular hobby/blogging cycle soon, once things calm down. However, the theatre company i'm involved with has a production soon so I'm quite busy with that. I'm also training for a 10km obstacle course this year (sponsorship posts to follow :P) but that's usually during lunchtimes at work so that shouldn't interfere too much.

What I'm really itching to do at the moment is get my airbrush set up and go to town on Hyperion, so hopefully I can make that a priority for the next window of opportunity.

A pretty lacklustre post today, so I'll end with an apology, and a reassurance that things will calm down soon and I can start to post results more often

Thanks for stopping by

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