Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Throwdown mk2

After lamenting my use of Wrong Eye and Snapjaw recently and garnering some varied and useful advice, I managed to get them ticking in a game of vassal last night. All I can say is 'wow'

Before I get to that take however I'd like to talk a little about my local club. From maybe three or four warmahordes players at the end of last year, I just attended a 15pt 'intros' tournament with 9 players. One of whom has recently picked up 120pts of cryx in one go... Inorite? There are at least 3 players who couldn't make it as well, so the community is really booming at the moment.
It was a really great day, and I had a lot of fun chatting with opponents I've not really met (and of course not played) properly before.

The whole thing did make me determined to vassal more though. My journey home from the club on Monday's takes around 90minutes on trains/buses as I dont drive. This pretty much limits me to one decent length 35pt game every time I go.
Now I'm not saying vassal can replace minis/real life opponents and game situations but it's sure close. So on I pops to vassal last night, and I met a great opponent (friendly and around my skill level, a rarity I find) and I had a great 35pt game with Barny and the gang.
This was also my first time at 35 with gators and the croak hunter did a great job of distracting bloodtrackers as prey, and an ambush run/charge with bog trogs took ravagers and bloodtrackers a couple of turns to clear out so I was well chuffed with recent purchases. The piece de resistance however was our infamous duo. Snapjaw charged a warpwolf stalker with the extra 2" for living model, just in range, boosted first attack with his tail... Crit knockdown, three fury and one initial bite attack later and it's all over.
In later turns Snapjaw took out a gorax as well. All this, and Wrong Eye is certainly no melee slouch either, taking names and healin' beasts :p
The caster kill was throw barny at a gheist, charge a grunt, feat and paste morvhanna. Which I felt dirty for doing but there was a clear path to her if I had range, which I did with the throw.

All in all then, good times. Sorry its been a while since the last post. Lots of wedding and honeymoon stuff going on at the moment. Which has also hit men pretty heavily financially so I won't be making any purchases till my birthday at least probably. All in a good cause though (awesome honeymoon, ask me about it :))

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