Monday, 11 April 2011


Superiority is a spell which doesn't need to be upkept on a dead jack...
To quote my opponent from this evening.

Very fun game. Mainly because we both forget things and it becomes a little hectic. Also because Garryth is a great caster.
With whip snap, intrigue (madelyn the merc lady's ability) and parry, he would've been moving 16" to get to Strakhov.
That is if he wasn't knocked down, easy target for kossites after having the sentinel standard slammed over him...
Most useless model ever, I just moved him somewhere arbitrary as he would've clogged up charge lanes. I also thought vortex lock would keep me safe, but I elected to utterly ignore the kossites.
Lesson learned. :)

I'm going to stick with Garryth for a few games for sure, I enjoy the way he plays (sents with mirage and vengeance is still mind boggling) and would love to get him into combat.
Must read on him some more though

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