Sunday, 10 April 2011


I just finished up my MHSF, complete with snow base ( I had a bunch of models waiting, so I mixed up a load of snow and blitzed them all),

They've been around 90% done for a week or so, but i haven't got around to adding the last couple of bits.

The archers on the other hand have been nearly done for months, and I never quite get any further with them every time I sit down and start work. I added what I needed to and called them done, I know they aren't my best work

I think the MHSF look great to my standards, but the camera is most unkind it seems. Either way, here they are;

In other news, Discordia, Garryth and Ravyn are also very nearly done, and I've got my second game with Garryth tomorrow, so we will see how that goes :)

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