Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Since we moved house, I've found it very difficult to concentrate on one faction, to either paint or be enthusiastic about. I've just got Garryth and Ravyn for my Retribution, and excluding maybe some riflemen for Ravyn I'm more than happy running lists with them both from my current collection.
My Gators on the other hand are only just 25 points.
So what's my point you may wonder? Well I'm glad you asked. Basically once Garryth, Ravyn and Discordia are painted, my Ret will be fully painted.
This means I can buy for my gators up to 35 points. Barnabus first, an then once his force is painted, I can grab some pieces for a Callaban theme force which would pretty much just be him and some farrow. This will give me a bit of structure, and more importantly goals to keep working towards. It also means that if I go with the painting then buying idea, Xerxis' 50 point list is only a handful if gators away :p

How do you guys plan your purchases? How close are you to fully painted?
Let me know I'm not the only one whose OCD invades their hobby?!

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  1. Fully painted has never been a big goal for me. But that's because I'm never satisfied, looking at to many gorgeous armies on the web does that to a man. Also I always have a hard time deciding on a paint scheme luckily I stumbled on Infinity and the Yu Jing japanse sectorial army faction which turned out to have a great paint scheme which I will no be using on the retribution.

    With the Eldar it was more of a mad dash to get primary colours painted to enter the GT but I now have a hard time going back to finish the models.