Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Last night's game was a bit of a farce. Not only did my I forget to deploy my battlemages (my opponent kindly let me place them on my deployment line turn2) but I got munched by shooting through indecisive deployment/first turn manoeuvring and I'm still leaving Garryth backfield doing not a great deal.
I'm still not really convinced he wants a jack at all. Or at least I need to work out how a light can be useful to him as I can't get the chimera working.
Practice practice practice. I really like Garryth and I'd love to learn him enough to use him well at least. I get pretty frustrated that I spend so much time and money on figures and then make such stupid mistakes lol.
In other news, I've ordered a case of foam for my gators, and bog trogs plus croak for my 35pt barny list.
I've also planned out this list to 50, 35 and 50 with calaban and Xerxis to 50. My good friend 'griffin' is entering a 50pt tourney later this year, and I've agreed to get as many different 50point lists (with proxies) as I can for him to refine his circle tourney lists. Works out well for both of us as it will help me think about synergies for lists, and also get me used to tourney play (assassinate/defend) and scenarios.
A friend of mine who hasnt games in a while has also shown a lot of interest in the gaming table planning, and whilst he is insisting we get some games of WHF, I'm sure I can get some Warmahordes demoes in as well.

Life's good :)
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