Monday, 22 November 2010


I was proxying crocs, geddit?... Anyway, seems like a while since my last post.

Fair bit going on, currently in the process of selling/trading in my beloved guitar to fund the next one. (Gibson sg 2004 for sale, comment if interested) as well as more wedding stuff.
I've also based and almost completed wrong eye and snapjaw, assembled and primed the MHSF (surprisingly hassle-free 0.o) and decided against Menoth as my slow grow. What can I say? Fluff is an important factor in an army choice for me, and theirs doesn't grab me.
'But Lofty, what faction will you use to build as your slow grow guys?!' I hear you cry.
Fear not! As the post title pretty much gives away, I'm back to Crocs. This is doubly beneficial, as I was going to get some sooner or later anyhow, and also because I think that Hordes is more 'my game' and I'll more likely never leave Ios with Warmachine. Yeah, I just said that :s (sorry Rhul, but you know I'm fickle)

Which leads me (finally) to the game I had tonight.
Bloody Barnabus
Bull snapper
Full gators


Min demo corps
Min kommandos w flamer

Proxying of course, I ran up into swamps first turn, Strakhov feated and charged his guys, kommandos had no luck but the Kodiak wrecked the snapper and the corps nearly ruined the Wrastler.
In response barny feats, munches down the demo corps, bloodboons flesheater into the last and sends the warstler off to not be able to wrestle (superiority I think?) the Kodiak. Gators take out the kommandos.

Strakhov moves and takes shots at a full fury barny (no beasts though) after the Kodiak wrecks the croc, but barny is still standing, and after the gators charge to take care of the wardog, barny goes for Strakhov, only to fluff boosting (when will i learn?) and then survive the response, and cut Strakhov down.

Would have been a very different and had the Kodiak had focus, or Stryker done more on feat turn. But I'm glad that the gators are fun to play. I really like the models (Wrastler needs to be more like Snapjaw, but other than that...)
Consider me sold.

Still loving the games, still learning :p
'till next time.

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