Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Stumble Con

I know there has been a lot of excitement about the 'con recently, and I'm pretty envious at all the guys who have been and enjoyed the event. But coinciding with this most prestigious of 'cons was my first game of Warmachine :)

First game was a game with the Kaelyssa battlebox, and a similar point Cygnar force led by Caine, and well... I lost :P

Second game was with my 35pt Vyros list, and the star of the game was easily the Magister solo, who I am now smitten with (geddit? smitten, mittens?...). But I still lost, and lets just say I hate gun-mages and long-gunners ;_; I had a plan to combust his infantry with my Phoenix, so I moved it up bold as brass, and then BAM!! CRA to the face... Meanwhile, the black thirteenth took care of my Invictors, and I somehow only managed to get 1 Sentinel into combat all game ;_; I am particularly proud of the Griffon who wrought havoc in the gun mage unit :) as well as my hydra who camped a ton of focus from attacks and threw a Cyclone and a black thirteenth :D

I enjoyed the entire game, and I think the early neutering of my Phoenix left me scared to get Vyros stuck in, and I only really got anything out of him in my last turn, where he wrecked Black 13th face. I feel like I learned a lot from the game, and I am looking forward, more now than ever, to getting Retribution on Vassal so's I can practice with the army I have collected, in the hope that I win a game at the club eventually :)

I also got quite a lot of attention for having a painted army, and a fair few compliments on the painting quality, which is inspiring me no end. I have just finished m Magister solo, and I'm so please with the way it has come out that I am re-painting parts of Rahn in an attempt to emulate the solo. I'm going to be posting a few WIPS pictures this weekend I hope. It is Valentines though, so I can't promise that I will have time :)
Next order of miniatures will be battle mages and storm fall archers. The mages to fill my new found love of telekinetic destruction, and the archers as they fill what's left of my monthly budget nicely with a couple of solos (another magister and a pair of snipers )
All in all, things are going great! stay tuned for moar!

PS - I did take pictures of my games, but my phone decided that they should be at a some obscure size, so I'm still trying to sort them out :s


  1. Sounds like you had a blast and lost but still had fun. that's a great thing!! a painted army is always a joy to see so I'm not surprised you got such good comments on your army :)

    Keep up the great work mate :)!

    Cheers CJ

  2. Cheers man, will hopefully have some pictures for you all tomorrow :)