Sunday, 7 February 2010

A 'jack a day keeps the Doctor away

Been a busy few days. I had Thursday afternoon/Friday off with the missus, and we went out Thursday night, and a pretty quiet day Friday. I was quite content painting up mr Rahn (still very much WIP) along with the one arcanist from my order of two that was in stock. I will post pics of both when there is some half decent daylight which is un-ruined by clouds. The shake up didn't come until Saturday morning however, when my re-issue of the missing order from Maelstrom Games turned up. Both these models are in my list of guys to take to the club on Monday (Chimera from the Kaelyssa battlebox, and a magister from my Vyros 35 list) Commence panic building! Only joking, no panic, but I was/am very keen to take these new guys and field them painted if at all possible. I've base-coated the Chimera, and pretty much done the same on the magister, and the home stretch is in sight. I tried to spice up both guys bases too, and the cork I ended up using has a way better texture of the cork I just ran out of which was used on the rest of the bases I've done. Hey-ho, I just wish I could remember which cork was from which brand of wine ;p
The rest of my day today will be spent brushing up on my limited rules knowledge, and bookmarking my pdf print out of the mk2 rules, so that I'm not spending most of the game searching for rules :) Very much looking forward to my first live game of WM, and hopefully soon being able to practice m lists while I build them, on Vassal as well as with the guys at the club :)
I'll try and document the battle(s) tomorrow as much as possible, but I can't promise that there will be pics/vids to accompany what goes on, but I'll try and make notes at least :)

Thanks for stopping by, and sorry for the lack of light for any WIP shots.

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  1. sounds like things are going well on the painting front! looking forward to some pictures of your magister curioust o see what you did to him.

    good move on bookmarking the pdf the actual rulebook has a very good index in the back which helps but still it will take some games to get all the rules down.

    Good luck tommorow and keep us posted!

    Cheers CJ