Monday, 21 December 2009

I am the highway

Long time since last post, but plenty going on :)

I'm pretty much done with my magnetized Mymidon, and I' really pleased with the way it is going. I took the advice of IK adventures, and went for a bit of a conversion with the magno-phoenix's sword, which is looking pretty good as a spear! I also added a pointing finger to the other hand, so whichever myrmidon I use looks as though he is calling out an opponent for a solid thrashing :)

I managed to get basecoats, and the thermal blade done for my non magnetized Phoenix, and I'm really very pleased with the way everything is looking. Been pretty busy with christmas recently, with shopping, and various social outings etc, but me and my girlfriend celebrated our christmas together yesterday(we are spending the 25th with out respective families), and I got my new brushes! Nothing too special, just some of the shiney new GW brushes, which I am very pleased with.
We had a lot of snow this weekend, coupled with very cloudy days, so I haven't been able to take any mini photos, but I will endeavour to do so over the festive period on one of my all too few hoilday days from work.

I've been very eager to the previews of the new battlefoam bags to be honest, and with the previews up on the site today, I have had my mind made up by the pricetag... $145 is alot of money, coupled with shipping, it's obscene. I know that Wayland games are distributing for Europe, but the prices will still be pretty high. I've spent most of my lunch hour today over at pricing myself up an aluminuim case for half the dollar value of the battlefoam case. While the battlefoam cases may well be a dream purchase for my fledgling WM collection, it's far too much money to spend, especially considering that I still don't have anyone to play against. Besides all of the above, I have purchased at least three standard KR cases, and two custom cases(for my filthy GW habit), and the guy that runs the site is a top bloke, and always happy to help. I'm even in the gallery section! As I was so chuffed with the cases, I offered my adaptation of one of the standard cases as an entry to the gallery(my case is the one with the rune on the front midway down)

Sorry for the wall of text, lot's to say today :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and if I don't get time before it happens - Hope you all have a great Christmas!


  1. I'm with you on the Battlefoam thingies - they're nice, but they're dead expensive and I already have a little system with GW case shells and KR foam worked out. Wouldn't like to render that obsolete.

  2. Aye, I think KR is the way forward, for the Uk at least. The New bags from battle foam are $145 plus $52 shipping, or £115 from wayland games. I'll stick to the aluminium case I have worked out from KR :)