Thursday, 7 November 2013

Game Changer

Firstly, this post is not marked for IABN so anyone who has arrived here expecting Privateer Press related blogging, this post is not for you :)

I'm sure that I've mentioned before that a couple of my friends still play GW games, both fantasy and 40k. Despite teaching one of my friends Warmachine, and him buying heavily into Cryx, 40k still seems to be the game of choice.

That being said, we have had a recent phase of financial hardship, but this has now cleared up in the form of my wife getting a new job.  However, this has led me to be excessively frugal on the hobby front, and I have made some absolute steals on ebay/facebook trading page to the tune of (for £80);

Eldar Avatar
20 Dire Avengers (new on frame)
10 Guardians (new on frame)
6 Fire Dragons (sealed in box)
11 Striking scorpions inc 2 Exarchs
1 Wave Serpent
5 Wraithguard (sealed in box)
1 Wraithlord (sealed in box)
1 Spiritseer (sealed in box)
New Eldar Codex

Needless to say pretty pleased with myself.  Plans currently include conversions/counts as for Warp spider & Howling banshee Aspect Warriors, as well as a whole heap of exodites - cold ones as jetbikes/shining spear, Lizardmen beasts as grav tanks.

This all pretty much stems from
a) Cash - it's going to be a whole lot cheaper to make my own guys than it is to pay full GW prices
b) Finecrapst - I refuse to pay money for 'fine'cast anything, so plastic is king :)

The only progress i've made so far is getting the fire dragons mounted on cork bases (originally planned for a city ruins theme, but will now be modifiying this to fit an exodite world), and re-assembling the ebayed Avatar and pinning to a large cork base.

I made a little progress on the hobby tidying i proposed in an earlier post, and have sorted out my hobby drawer in order to facilitate better access to bits and bobs.  The wife is out this Sunday for most of the day doing baking things, so i;m hop[ing to be able to make a real dent in the rest of what I want to do the hobby area in order to make things as easy as possible to get done.  I will also be planning out a paintinging docket, so i can make best use of airbrush basecoating without it being interrupted/stopping and starting too much. The idea is to have an hour or so each time im free to base coat a whole batch of guys which can then be painted during the week, which will speed things up as well as making the whole process easier :)

Long post today, but it should hopefully make up for my ridiculous lack of capacity recently.

I'm hoping to be able to update as often as i have anything to show/discuss so stay tuned,a nd thanks for your patience.

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