Saturday, 6 September 2014

The devil is in the details

Hi all

I've decided to get some models ready for spray priming if I get chance this week, as I have a real yearning to get some painting done.

This involved giving the cold one (jetbikes) a once over for mould lines etc., and finally getting my Autarch jetbike done.  To this effect I've given him some personal belongings and added some horns to the mount

I also worked on the weapon rig for the Wraithknight, adding some vents/power chamber type items, and a pair of horns.

I also added some greenstuff to the skull, where the horns meet, and in the eye sockets which were flat backed, I made them concave like they should be.

That's it for this week, Hopefully I can get some spray coating done tomorrow. It's forecast to be wet though so I will have to try and get this done somewhere in the house...

Thanks for stopping by

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