Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ch ch ch ch changes!

I've been remiss in updating this month for which I'm sorry.  

Long story short there's a few things going on at work leaving me as the only person in my team so I can expect to be a lot more busy and work more weekends (inorite) for the foreseeable.
Also I'm writing this on the train. I really need to remember my tablet and try and find a keyboard that will work with it!

Let's not dwell on that though, as I have been hobbying during radio silence.
I blitzed through my ideas for the Wraithknight and as I neared completion I got a bit fed up of not really knowing how to finish it to be honest. I don't like the feeling of 'I have to get this done' so I took a sidestep and assembled my Wraithlord

And some Wraithguard

I saw some Wraithguard somewhere with swords/axes and shoulder mounted weapons which I'd love to be able to emulate but I've no clue how really!

As you can see though, I've added tusks(?) Or horns I guess to both types of unit and will be replicating the Wraithlord's bone crest to a lesser degree across his smaller friends. The idea being that each wraith contains the spirit of a great hero and his mount.

I also managed to get the scaly bits done on my Cold Ones/Carnosaur and the first colour on the bases in preparation for doing the underneath colours once the bases are done.

Lastly, I managed to get corsair cloaks onto my Exarchs so they are ready to be primed and added to their units.

That's pretty much everything I think :) I'll get some more Wip shots of the lizards up at some point soon.

Thanks for stopping by

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