Monday, 28 March 2011


Not the Transformer. I'm also not water deprived, or in a desert.
That's right, Garryth. I like the way he does things.
Yes, I forgot his feat and old rowdy spanked him for it. Yes, i didnt allocate a single focus to either jack all game (curse you fury!). But I'll be damned if sentinels moving 5" and making an attack before anyone's activation isn't the most awesome thing I've done, lol.
He's going to get some vassal time this week, along with Ravyn, who I'm also very much enjoying.
Whilst we're on the 'Warmachine is teh best' soapbox, I've done a total u-turn on my opinion of battle engines. From 'how the hell would I get it in a carry case?' to 'lol magnetise it' (cheers griff) coupled with the new magister solo guy leading me to think we may get more 40mm base stuff (new foam trays please!) makes me very much look forward to what's in store :)

On a very self - indulgent note, I got some great praise for my WIP MHSF and painted dawnguard. So I'm really inspired to get them finished :)
Also means no pics till they are done :p

Thanks for stopping by, it's good to be back

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