Wednesday, 30 September 2009

End of an Era

First post, best be a good one...

I've been wargaming for the past 13 years in the UK, and a staple part of this has been Games Workshop games, from Necromunda and Bloodbowl, to Warhammer (both 40k and Fantasy).
I've found that after a couple of years off at University, and the year or so afterwards when I moved around for work a lot, I can't seem to get back into the hobby. Don't get me wrong, I still have models around to paint (new and old) which I really enjoy, but the rules elude me. I think I got back into playing at a time when one rules set had just been made redundant, so I had bought the book and made an attempt to learn how to play again, only for a new rule book to be published in the coming months.

To be honest, after buying a couple of new rule books and not knowing really where to start, I realised that the friends who I've been playing with for years don't have the time to play so much anymore, and the local gaming club is populated by younger children (half my age) or guys who are a little older than me. Now far be it from me to be judgemental, but I've found that neither prospective opponent makes for great conversation, or a "well spirited" game.

Anyway - long story short, I've been loitering the Privateer Press forums recently, and I want in! The models look great, which is important to me because it seems that painting and modelling are what I enjoy doing at the moment, and the community seems to be a lot more mature (from what I can see).
The only problem I'm having here is that, after checking the relevant websites for UK stockists etc, I seem to be pretty isolated here in Sunny (!) West Yorkshire... It's early days yet though, and I'm yet to sign up and post on the Privateer Press forums, so I'm hoping something will come of all this ;P perhaps I'll get back into actually playing wargames, as opposed to collecting and painting. I recently quit World of Warcraft, and I'm hoping I can swap that community for maybe a couple of forums to regularly post on

Future posts wont be quite as lengthy I guess, but I'll keep updating my search!



  1. I ordered my stuff from Maelstrom games (who sponsor Boosted damage a UK Warmachine podcast, that you should probably check out), but i play at Project Hydra in Northampton and they stock most the WM/H range and have a growing community with about 10 active players.

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Iron Kingdoms. I have checked our your posts and hope you enjoy your stay!

  3. Thanks
    loving it so far, and still plenty to do :)